Tree Planting @ Peat Swamp Raja Musa


More pictures of the tree planting activity that I joined last weekend. The location is Raja Muda Peat Swamp, Selangor. Click HERE for more details about the program.

We were among the first to arrive. From left: Dr Kwong, Dr Wahidah, Cheng Suan, Me, & Gopi

Here's about the project

And here are the fresh young mangrove trees we're going to plant today

That kid in green is Donnie, he's got endless supply of energy!

Moving on into the peat swamp

Small bridge to cross the water, yet the bridge itself has lots of water on top of it due to heavy rain the day before

Moving on, still on dry land

Now into the bushes...

...and the mud

Can you dig it, digger?

Dear tiny little tree, please grow big & strong - love,

Final touch up before moving to the next tree

Donnie said I was cool!

Your turn to plant the tree, kiddo

More digging

And keep moving... By this time nobody cares about water and mud anymore. Everyone is having a great time

Cameras from left and right, and I didn't notice them

I put lots and lots of love while planting the trees, so that they will grow healthy :)

Feet-shot: A must!

Another active kid, Raushan. But he's too young to get into the swamp, so he was waiting outside

Group photo. From left: Dr Mazlan & wife, Shariq and future wife (I call her kakak ipar hahaha), Zeldy (wife is taking this photo), Gopi, Dr Wahidah & son, Dr Kwong, Me, Cheng Suan, & Faheem

Last group photo. I'm very easy to spot since I'm wearing blue...

I had a good time, and I'm surely going again. You should try too, worth your time. Hey, if a Kampung Boy like me can enjoy getting in touch with nature, I'm sure it will be great experience for many city kids out there!

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