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Akihabara, the so-called geek's heaven in Tokyo is an electronic and geek culture town. This is the place where you can find all your gadgets, toys and entertainment. Not in a building, but the whole town.

This post is actually overdue for a loooooong time. I went there in October 2010, and I completely forgot about it, until one of my friends sent me a link to this video:

Yes! I've been to that cafe as well! Pinky Cafe, Akihabara. One phrase; Cuteness is Expensive in Tokyo hahaha!

And that video reminds me that I didn't write any post about my two weeks trip to Tokyo... What was I thinking???

Let me put the timeline in pictures...

Day 4 in Tokyo, 5pm. Location: Bunkyo Green Court.
Bunch of foreigners: Me, Arash (Iran), Prem (Nepal), Hasitha (Sri Lanka), and Mular (Maldives)

We started from Sengoku station

Similar to KL, Tokyo railroads are full of advertisements like this

Arash and Hasitha studied the map over and over again, trying to determine the optimum places to visit since shops are closing early.

I took this shot just before the train came, because I just saw that one of the ads is featuring Fujiwara Norika :D

I took no picture inside the train

Okay, here we are... Akihabara!!!

Out of the station. The facade, I guess

First row of shops. They're selling CCTV cameras in places like this???

You have to love electronics and DIY to appreciate these

More DIY stuff

And more...

Moving on...

LABI store, in front of the other entrance

A geek, in front of the other entrance

LABI again...

And again...

Trying to understand the map. I can speak a little Japanese, but can't read Kanji characters at all. So, these maps aren't helping

Laptops with WiMAX built in. I forgot which store these were in, there were so many of them!!!

Look at the prices... I don't know what they meant by 'cheap' here...

Then we keep going from one shop to another. And I naturally forgot to take more pictures. Until I saw these:

Woohoooo!!!!! That's 1000yen sale!!!
But I didn't buy any of them :(

Now everyone is getting hungry, we discussed where should we go to eat. I knew I came to Akiba for the famous Maid Cafes... So I won't budge, I'm not going to any other than a Maid Cafe... hahaha
We kept walking and discussing, passing through some Maid Cafes and other type of cafes...

Then this was right smack in front of me:

Pinky Cafe?

So I told the rest. "I won't guarantee you will enjoy this cafe, but I AM definitely going in, even if that means I'm going alone!"... hahahaha what a resolute words.

So... inside we went... it was upstairs by the way...

Look at the doubtful faces of Arash and Prem, because they saw the price tag at the cafe entrance. Yeah, what kind of cafe charge you 500yen for 30 minutes just to sit there doing nothing? That's entrance fee... meals are separate... And 300yen if you want to take a waitress a.k.a. 'maid' picture, and that's only with their polaroid camera... But my buddies here were cool. They follow me inside so I can have my time :D thanks bros!

Yeah... I'm all smiles hahahaha (that is really a smile)

We were a bunch of foreigners, all from different countries, and only one can speak a little Japanese... At least I communicated better with the maids than the patrons in the video 

Inside decor

That's the stage area where the maids would sing while you eat

And these were the maids I'm talking about

And that was me and one of the maid. Her name was Yuri. She asked me to pose for the camera, and I didn't know what else to do. So that was the result of my stupid pose...

One of the cafe goers there kept looking at us. He is an elderly in working attire (salaryman clothes, according to Japanese culture). He kept apologizing to us and saying that he feel ashamed that foreigners have to see this weird side of Japan. Weird or not, this is fun. Daijoubu ojisan... tanoshii dakara...

So, that was all in Pinky Cafe... I wasn't going to risk our bill by taking more pictures. Yes, you can take pictures as long as the maids' faces are not included. Why taking the risk, right?

We thought the night was over for us. Time to go home. But on our way back, we stumbled upon this!

Adult Amusement Park??? Majide??? Seriously???  D**nnnnn!

Did we went inside? Well... some of us did (to check out what's inside)... the only ones who did not enter were
Hasitha of Sri Lanka


Me of Malaysia.... hahaha (I bet you were thinking I went inside, weren't you?)

According to those who did went inside, it was a sex store, selling sex toys, and nothing more. According to one of them, 'They sell everything, every part of human body, except all are plastics'  hahaha... Amusement Park??? LoL

Time to go home...

Sadly... time to go home...

But I went back there few days later. This time I went alone!!!! Another maid cafe (sorry, no picture) and I bought a Kamen Rider Kabuto figurine!!! Yattta

Man... can't believe this is only my first post about Tokyo. I will write about other places later, if it doesn't skip my mind... no promise...

I miss Tokyo...

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