So Many Things Happened

It's already March 1st! And it's 2011!

Wow... I mean, wow...

So many things happened past few months I actually did lose track of time. So many crazy things, that I actually thought the world itself has gone crazy.

Never in my life, in such a short period of time, the ugliness and the beauty of human nature being displayed in front of my eyes in such a neck-breaking and nerve-wrecking rapidity.

People come, people go. Some people just came and went. Some people just went away, some came to stay. Some others never left my side, some stayed behind watching my back, while others trying to stab it.

Some people deserve my apologies, to some I gave my forgiveness. Some others I'd rather keep out of my life, while many of them truly worthy all of my appreciation and thankfulness. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... I love all of you...

I also personally want to thank three people who have been with me in this blog since the beginning, Meo, Puteri Jiwa, and Andy P. Thank you as well to those who had contribute some articles, especially Atin Jieha for her remarkable poems, love those! Meo always has something to draw, and I really enjoy his simple yet meaningful drawings. Puteri Jiwa also wrote some interesting articles and poems. Thank you. And to Hiddenblade for his Ibrahzine, the platform where I actually started to write anything. Not to forget the 'silent lamb' Andy P, who didn't write much but helped me moderating the comments and fixing bugs now and then.

I am thinking of giving this blog a new look, marking a new beginning. Some draft design had been made but I haven't finalized anything yet. So maybe there will be changes, maybe not.
The reason is, I really think the turbulence in my life is over so I want to start anew with this blog. Past two years had seen my downfall that it awed me how much I achieved during that period of time, considering the state I was in. I mean, I could do much better. I did better 2,3 years ago when I was at peak of my will and motivation. Nevertheless, what I achieved during hard times made me proud of myself. So, here I am, gearing up again, and I will strike with a bang! BANG!!!

Lately I've been getting my hands dirty with things that I haven't touch for quite long time, particularly web development and graphics. These two have always be my hobbies, but I never found enough time for them. So now I'm back to 101 with PHP frameworks (which I never use before - I was everything-from-scratch type of programmer) and... Blender! Blender is awesome, though personally I think it is not ergonomic enough. But ergonomic issue aside, Blender is a powerful 3D graphic tool that anyone can use. I've been building simple models in Blender, which is actually not so simple task considering I am at 101 stage of learning. And I'm also trying to familiarize myself on creating CSS from GIMP (yes, haven't touch Photoshop for many months, it's all GIMP for me now). I'm also taking a peek at Python and Ruby, but not that much. Maybe later.

But hey! C is the most interesting language, isn't it? (I heard some 'booo' out there). Okay, honestly the language I use the most nowadays (due to my job) is none other than Bash, the Bourne Again SHell scripting! ~IF you smeeellllll what the penguins are grilling~ ahahaha

And also new projects at works is going to start soon, so a lot of reading to be done, which I actually like. I'm a geek to the core. And as a geek, I want to reinstate that geeks are people too, not some useful 'things' to be exploited for our skill set, and to be blamed for anything technically wrong. Hahaha

I'm actually writing this during a seminar on Internet of Things at Putrajaya Marriot. What is 'Internet of Things'? Google it, you lazy bums!!!

And yes, I'm listening to the speaker while writing this, so I might get here and there in my points, because the talk that is being delivered now is quite interesting in my PoV. Every now and then I have to scroll up to see what I've written so far. And this particular post is a total ranting of a mind that is all over the places woohoo!

Okay, I need to stop and start focusing on the talk. I will write again soon, with more useless ranting... I guess so...

Till then, peace be upon all of you. Love y'all, Lifutushi :)

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