Shopping in Tokyo

Another blog about Tokyo. But I'm kind of lazy to write anything tonight. So I'll just put pictures and maybe, I mean maybe, I'll add descriptions later...

Takeshita Street, Harajuku


Shibuya 109, Shibuya

Uyeno-Eki, Ueno

Ameyokocho, Ueno
(Nobody suggested to me this place, I found it by accident, and it was much like Chow Kit Road in KL)

Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

These are mostly from Ueno, except for the books I bought at LoFt, Sunshine City (yellow bag)



There are much more pictures that I couldn't salvage from my broken SD card :(

A side story. Noon, the day before my flight back to KL I went into a craft shop that sell...well, artsy  stuff.  Among the items sold there, I found this bag
The price was around 100yen less than the money I had left, and I still have 12 hours to spend in this city. I walked around in that shop as if looking at the displayed items, but my mind was really on this bag alone. It was 'calling' to me, at least that was how I feel. I was 'should I buy it, or shouldn't I?'... again and again in my head.... if I buy that bag then I won't have any money left... Nearly 30 minutes... There's something about this bag... Something really special that I really couldn't bring myself out of that shop without it... Something I can't explain...

So did I buy that bag?

I'm not going to answer that...

I'll just say that this was my dinner that night:
BIG Cup Noodle = 110yen hahahaha

For those who received souvenirs from me, I hope they bring all of you happiness. I bought them with you in my mind, and love in my heart ;)

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