Nobody is Perfect

Nobody is perfect
I am nobody
Therefore I am perfect hahahaha

Sorry for the tasteless joke :D

But the phrase 'Nobody is perfect' was true, is true, and will always remain true.

We're in a world where everybody is different. Each and every one of us is unique and special. And we have our own virtues and shortcomings.

To find one person that poses the specific qualities we're looking for is nearly impossible. And to change one's self to fit in others' expectation is never easy.

That is why we have to learn to accept defects and to appreciate qualities, found inside those in our lives. By accepting these imperfections is the only way we can co-exist without having to bear arms and throw punches.

Along the way, these imperfections will cause us to hurt each other. That's nothing more than a process for us to learn about each other, and about our own selves. Everyone goes through the same process, not exemption.

What I'm trying to say is that, we all have hurt someone, somewhere in between our lives. I, myself, had hurt so many innocent souls, and in turn being hurt by many other souls. I am therefore forgiving all those who had hurt me, and sincerely asking for forgiveness from all those I've hurt.

Life is short, too short to be carrying all these grudges to the grave. Damages are done, it can't be undone anymore. Let's us all exchange forgiveness, and pray for everyone's well beings. God willing, we'll live together in peace :)

~I'm sorry I can't be perfect~
~Now it's just too late, and we can't go back~
~I'm sorry I can't be perfect~

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