My Place of Serenity

Have you ever come across a place that you like so much, it gives you the serenity you're craving for?

I found a place that does that to me. A park. A lake garden. Funny part is, it is very near to where I live, and I've been living here for several years. I came to this place to jog when I have the time, yet it never strikes me as a serene place. Just a place to get out some sweat, that is.

But for the past few weeks, I started to come to this park more often. Sometimes to read a book, or to have a stroll among the trees, or just for killing time.

I came here just so that I can hear the birds singing, the sound of the leaves against the wind, and surely the sound of the water flowing. I like the sound of flowing water very much.

Whenever I'm coming back from somewhere, and I still have time before I get home, I'll make a quick stop, even for just several minutes sitting on the bench, with the lake in front of me and the trees behind. Or just few hundred metres of strolling around. I'd do that for no obvious reason.

And now here I am again. With a book, a small bottle of white tea, and my phones. All alone... And alone I want to be in moments like this. A moment I know won't last forever.

I hope it's not going to rain again today, while I'm here. Yesterday it rained ten minutes after I reached here, and I left my umbrella in my car. I didn't stop at all, didn't even procrastinate to go back to the car and get my umbrella. I just continue walking in the rain, getting wet by the quite many drops of water managed to find their way through the trees' canopy. Yet I enjoyed that moment.

But not today, because today I don't feel that well. And tomorrow is a workday. So I can't risk catching a cold today.

Today is weird. Since morning I feel like something is off, something's not right. Like something bad is going to happen. Yet my day went as usual. A normal Sunday. I woke up, played some computer games, went for breakfast, surfed the 'Net, tidied up my room, play more games, went for lunch, and then came to this park. A normal Sunday.

Yet I can't shake this uneasy feeling. It's like my soul is trying to warn me of something bad ahead. I don't know what it is, I hope I can get through this day fine.

Oops! A dragonfly came and landed on my left shoulder! Let me try to get a picture of it...

There you go, a red dragonfly. Looks like it stops to enjoy its meal of a small butterfly. I hope I'm not disturbing its lunch-on-the-shoulder with me typing this blog post. So, how does the butterfly taste, mate? Is it any good? Hmm okay, enjoy your meal!

Nature... Serenity... Got to continue reading my book. See ya!

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