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I already blogged about this, but still I received PM in Facebook asking about my name. Well, since I'm too lazy to look for that old post, I guess those who asked are rightly lazier to look for it. What is 'Lifutushi' by the way?

This pic was made 7 years ago and I still like it ;)

The name Lifutushi is derived from Li-Fu-Tu-Shi / Li-Fo-Duo-Se, the king in the old kingdom of Ch'ih Tu / Chi Tu (now Kelantan, Malaysia). Check the wiki HERE .

Why I took this name? Back then when I was in secondary school I was in IRC a lot... I was using a not-so-cool nick tapokkaki (translated as either footprint or underfoot). M, my girlfriend then, my first, keep telling me to change that nick, but I didn't have any cool idea as a name. So she told me to look into history textbook and pick a name which related to something that myself can relate the most. So I did. I picked Ch'ih Tu because its capital was in Tanah Merah. Chi Tu was the name for Sri Vijaya Mala kingdom given by Sui Dynasty of China, which means The Red Land. Tanah Merah is also translated as Red Land, and Tanah Merah is where I was hailed from. So long story short, I took the name Lifutushi.

Then a close friend of ours, Z, complained that 'Lifutushi' is kinda hard to pronounce and long to type, so he started referring to me as 'L'. And that too, kind of stuck.

The main reason I'm still using Lifutushi and L as my nicknames is as a memento and tribute to these two people, who passed away, but not before leaving a great impact on my life. M passed away in 2003 and Z is 2009. So I'm Lifutushi because of the late M, and I'm L because of the late Z.

And these two nicknames I will carry for the rest of my life, I hope, as I will remember them as two greatest friends I could ever have. May God bless their souls in hereafter, Amiinn...

I am L, my name is Lifutushi :D

Oh yeah, I still have another nickname from that 'era', which is 7, or Seven... And I'm keeping the story about that name a secret for now hehe

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