As we get ready to sail again


This is an e-mail I just received. I am calling all my readers to chip in even just a little, for humanity....

Dear Donors:

Firstly, we would like to thank you all again for your generous donations to keep us afloat. We are getting ready to leave again in May; this time with 8-12 boats from the US, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Malaysia, Italy, Canada, Denmark, Turkey, Australia and Greece.

Several other initiatives are working on getting boats to join us, from Sweden to Norway to Kuwait. Of course, initiatives such as Free Gaza and the European Campaign to End the Siege are also sailing.

This plea is being sent out to ask you again for your support, be it $5.00 or €100 or any other currency. Last year, you helped us buy 5000 tons of cement. This year, we ask you to help donate:

1. For the satellite equipment and all ancillary media work that we will need to do to make SURE the messages get to the public.
2. For supplies to take with us, supplies that may be needed and Israel refuses to allow in
3. For the fuel and maintenance and captain's fees and outfitting the boats so that they are well protected

There will be other things that we will need, of course, and we will keep you posted over the next two months as we outfit and load the boats.

If you are donating to AET in the US or are donating to other initiatives, we are delighted. But please don't forget the Free Gaza movement as we are still one of the primary organizers.

We send our heartfelt thanks to you all. None of these voyages could have happened without your participation.

Greta Berlin, Co-Founder, The Free Gaza movement

This is not a scam. Saving lives is our responsibility as fellow humans.

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