I met him
With my anger out of control
Like I'll plunge him down
Into hell's deepest hole
And I caught him on his stroll
Such a fragile young mind
Such a fragile young soul

And sympathy engulfed me
Frozen, dumbfounded me

How can it be?
That look wrapped so weary
How can this be?

Come with me...

Kid, let it all go
You ain't gonna dance for the maestro
While you ain't fit for the show
Just stop and let it go
For this is no game of villain and hero
And this, both you and I know

Kid, listen to me
Never think yourself too crafty
The whole world you can't see
Stop, before you face somebody
Too strong to fight
Too hard to flee

Kid, life would never seems fair
Everybody has their slice of cake
Their own portion of share
Never succumb to such a despair
Raise your flag
Breathe the air
World is full of things you are not aware


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