In My Abode (Dear friend)


This goes for you...

My dear friend,
Life can be cruel to anyone
Not everyday ended we won
Sometimes we have to let bygones be bygones
And let forgone be forgotten

In My Abode...
I pray for you
For everything that is due
For in everything you did
And everything you do
It will bear happiness
When time is through

Dear friend...

Because I love you
Because I care
Because she loves you
Because she cares
Because he loves you
Because he cares
Because we all love you
And we really care

In My Abode...
Today and tomorrow
And all days after
When you find yourself in sorrow
I hope you'll get stronger
Stronger to take any blow
Much stronger than ever

In My Abode...
Here where I will be...
Whenever you need me
Whenever you find it's hard to see
And your road is hazy
Here where I will stay
I'll lend you a hand any day
I owe you, and I shall pay
Helping you finding your way

In My Abode...
Dear Friend,
Be strong!
And take the bull by its horn
You're the sun that is burning
Shining on everyone since you were born


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