Geolocating on the Net


Okay, a lot of people wondering how to get somebody's physical location using the net. But of course, it is not something good to reveal, because by human nature somewhere somebody will misuse it for mischievous purposes.

But I think everyone of us deserves some basic techniques that bear no harm. So here we go... this is how you trace the location of someone using the tools already found in the Internet.

1) Get the IP address.
There's lots of easy ways to get somebody's IP address, especially those careless ones. But the most sure fire way is by using email tracking services (CLICK HERE). If you clicked on that link, you'll find many websites offering e-mail tracking service. Pick any one you like. For the demonstration here, I'm going to use because it is very easy to use.

Open, this is what you get:

Fill in YOUR e-mail address, and a title so you won't confuse it with some other trackers you might be using. there are several images you can choose from for the script. Or if you are a registered user, you can upload you own image. The obvious choice is of course the tiny little white square, since it will become invisible on the white background of most e-mail service providers. Click 'Create my SpyPig' after you've filled up everything.

Okay, now the most important part, an image will be generated for the script. You have to copy and paste this image into your email body. Just highlight the image using your mouse and hit Ctrl+C on your keyboard (right-click->copy might not work in some browsers).

Then paste it in your email body. Try to highlight with your mouse to make sure the image is already pasted (since it is invisible)

Okay, once the recipient read you email, the script will notify you. The notification will be like this:

Okay, it's not accurate, i know that. In fact the location is way off. Kajang is not even in Negeri Sembilan. But that's not what we're looking for. we're looking for the information in the second red circle, which is the IP address.

2) Get the co-ordinate
Now moving on to the next tool. We need a more accurate location than the one provided by e-mail tracking service. So we're going to use geolocator (CLICK HERE). Those are your options. I'm going to use . Copy the recipient's IP address from spypig's e-mail and paste it in the textfield on the right side of Click 'Find Location'

Now we have some new information, the longitude and latitude coordinate (in red circle).

3) Get the approximate location
Now with the coordinate, it is easy to find the physical location, isn't it?
Just go to Google Maps and paste 'latitude,longtidude' (latitude-comma-longitude... don't forget the comma) , in the search field and click 'Search Maps'. It will give you the approximate location of the receipient.

This is not accurate, i mind you. I can be many miles off depending on whether the receipient is assigned a static IP address or a dynamic IP address from DHCP pool. If you are a Streamyx home subscriber, you're using DHCP, so nobody can pinpoint your exact location using this techniques. Nevertheless, there are ways to narrow down the accuracy here, which i won't bother to share (sorry, don't ask me, i'm not sharing).
This is as far as i'm going to reveal.

pretty easy, right?


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