GIMP: Text to Path tutorial


Here's in one simple way to create a text following a specific path in GIMP.

Step 1
Create a path using path tool

Step 2
Type your text using text tool

Step 3
Style your text accordingly. Please note that you can't change the style of your text once you make it follow a path. Finalize your text style before moving to step 4, or you might have to start over from step 3 again

Step 4
On the text tool, click on 'Text along path'

Step 5
Now, from path tool, select 'Path to selection'

Step 6
Create a new layer. In paths dialog box, hide the path so you can see a sharp selection around the path. Also hide/delete the text layer since we're not going to need it anymore

Step 7
Fill the new layer with any colour you like. Here i use full spectrum gradient

Step 8
We're basically done. Here's how your text is going to look like

Step 9
You can play around to give your text a better look. If you need to change your text style, start again from step 3

See you again in the next tutorial :)


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