I Want To Be There...

I want to be there

I really want to

I want to come along

Oh God, I really do

I don't want to be left here

Holding in my lukewarm tear

This sorrow and bittersweet

This sadness that I don't need

If I cried would I be invited?

To be there where I wanted

What have I done to be left out?

My heart sank, my vision faded

Feels like collapsing into deep blackout

I've given all I have

And did all I can

Nothing left of myself

Only a shell almost broken

Dived in sea of stress

Deprived of sleep and rest

Isn't it enough what I've done?

What more should I sacrifice?

All my deeds not worth the price

Worthy of being there

Where I really want to be

It feels so tragic

And I feel so melancholic

My soul is crumbling

From my wet eyes to my limb

And it hurts like a thousands knives

Painful through a thousand lives

Because I want to be there

And I really want to

I want to come along

God knows how much I do

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  • puteri_jiwa says:

    the place you want to be
    may not belong to thee
    but surely there is a place
    somewhere you belong

    just have faith and patience
    because when the time is right
    everyone else can try all their might
    but nothing can stop you to be
    not at the place you want to be
    but to where you should be :)

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