April Fools Pranks for Work Part V

These's are list of harmless April Fool pranks taken from AprilFoolZone.com

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Part V

Topsy Turvy

This prank is elaborate but fun: Remove all the drawers from the victim’s desk. Flip the entire desk upside down, replace the drawers, then flip the desk back. Now when the victim open the drawers, all the stuff will fall out straight to the floor.

Who's That Guy?

Photoshop his face into a bunch of funny scenarios and put them up all over the office.


First, determine what your victim’s least favorite thing is—sports team, political view, movie, music, etc. Then cover his or her work area with posters and items celebrating that thing. (For example, if he’s a Chargers fan, cover his office with Raiders gear.)

Monkey Trouble

Borrow all the pictures from his desk and office. Scan the photos, and use a photo-editing program to put monkey faces onto everyone’s faces. Print them out and place them back on the victim’s desk.

Pick Up the Phone!

Take a small piece of wire and wrap it around the handset cord of the victim’s phone. Place it so both ends of the cord are attached together. Then wait until the victim receives a phone call and watch while they lift the handset and they pick up the entire phone along with it.

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