April Fools Pranks for Work Part III

These's are list of harmless April Fool pranks taken from AprilFoolZone.com

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Part III

Trapped in Plain Sight

Take a token item from the victim - place it in a Jello mold, freeze it in a bottle of water, place in the center of a rubber band ball, etc. Keep taking the item and pranking the victim repeatedly.

Where Do I Go?

This trick works great if you work in an office building that has two entrances. Print up two signs that say "Please Use Other Door." Put one on each door, with arrows pointing toward the opposite door.

Pager Madness

If the victim has an alpha-numeric pager, call them up and leave a message like “REPLACE BATTERY,” “PAGER ERROR,” or “SERVICE PAGER.” Call several times in a row.

Stop the Calls

If the victim has a phone with a hook that presses down when the handset is in the cradle, tape it down. When he or she answers a call the phone will keep ringing.

Tidal Wave

Take about 20 (or more) paper or plastic cups, place them on the victim’s desk and fill them with water. Then take a stapler and staple them all together. You can also put the cups on the floor blocking their door, or just about anywhere.


Remove your victim’s desk chair and replace it with a bench from outside (the heavier the better!).

Just One Please

Take all of the victim’s paperclips and hook them together in one long string.
Submitted by Doug Ely

While You Were Out

Leave a phone message for the victim that says that a “Mr. Lyon” called (or Mr. Behr also works), and wants to be called back. Then list the phone number of the local zoo.

Dude, Where's My Car?

Borrow your victim's car keys and make a duplicate. Then, every day or so, move the car a few parking spaces over, or turn it around so it’s parked backwards in the space. Eventually start moving it to another part of the lot altogether. Classic.
Submitted by Skrivan

Copier Surprise

Print out some pictures of a scantily-dressed girl, or other racy image. Mix them into the paper tray of the office copier or printer. When the victim makes copies, they’ll have a big surprise!

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