Morse of Remorse

In the Morse of remorse
The boulders of gross
Grind my teeth
and clench my fist
Ain't no mountain ain't no range
Crust moves by the quaking drain
It ain't gonna stay, never!
The birds that flew
The wind that follow
Stunned and uncontrolled
Scarred, the hideous clot
Slur the curse
Dread to rehearse
One after one
Said and undone
Light that shone over the dawn
At dusk it will be gone
Barge of rust cut across
Web the flow drag the anchors
Grab and grip at the knot
Slick spit threading the rope
Vibrating air hitting the drums
Nothing but hollow rhymes!
Ark that left the harbor
There's no wind but oak of row
That quest to the stone
To the mirror should be thrown
Like fire meets the gas
And citrus on open flesh
All around to disperse
Three sixty it scatters
Wiping clean nothing stay
Puff the phlegm into the haze
Back to the Morse
The Morse of remorse

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