The Man in the Mirror

I looked into the mirror
and saw an old man I didn't know
lying on the floor
gasping for breath
I stared at the the face
"why is thy gloom?"
"hath thou bear trouble?"
he cried to me "save me please!"

I looked deeper into the mirror
and saw a kid on his knees
blood over his limbs
tears in his eyes
laughter from his lips
I stared at the face
"who art thou?"
he screamed at me "look at me!"

I closed my eyes
surrendered to the darkness
and wind back the continuum space
there were horns on my head
ringed with glittering halo
there were wings on my back
of fire and icicles
I've ripped them off years ago

When I opened my eyes
I looked into the mirror
and saw myself, the 'me' that I know...

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