Hurray for Baba Ali


Good news! Baba Ali is back with a new series! For those without any clue, Baba Ali is the one of the 'youtube celebrities' when he started The Reminder series some time ago. Starting as just 'a man with a video camera', Baba Ali created a storm that gave birth to numerous Islamic motivational video that flooded youtube today. Many Muslim kids (and adults) around the world started to pick up a video camera and share their thoughts online, saying they were inspired by Baba Ali.

'Hurray for Baba Ali' is the latest production by Baba Ali. Unlike his normal series, he acts like a little kid which was kinda of refreshing. Then again, his friends (and fans like me) will tell you that he acts like a kid all the time, a kid with great thoughts :)

check out for more at

footnote#1- The song was composed and performed by Dawud Wharnsby :) my favorite canadian singer
footnote#2- check out The Reminder Videos blog as well. It was a project started by Baba Ali, with contributors (translators) of Muslims around the world <- find my name there as well :)

-Ariff Abdullah

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