A talk with an atheist - Yunus (pbuh) and the whale


I had a chance, last night, to chat with a good fellow from somewhere in the world (I forgot to ask which country he is from). It started with a normal talk, so I will filter that part out, leaving just the the one related to the topic today.

(around half an hour into conversation...)
Him: so I guess u r a xtian?
Me: no, m a Mslim actually
Him: owh.. i c
Him: do u knw dat xtians actually believed dat a man was swallowed by a whale n survived to tell d story?
Him: isn't dat absurd?
Me: dat is d story o Jonah. we mslims believe in dat as well, xcept in Qur'an Jonah was called Yunus... peace be upon him
Him: u did? y? it's x logical at all
Me: mind if im askin', what do u believe in?
Him: freethinker
Me: darwinist?
Him: kind o... i think i can say so
Him: i read his book. 'twas a good one. u should read it too
Me: tq, i already did, fews years ago. yes, i agree it was a good book
Him: back 2 questn, how come u believe in dat story?
Me: Yunus' story? y x?
Him: i mean, there's no species o whales dat can swallow a human
Him: let alone having that guy survived n came back alive
Me: how do u know such a species doesnt exist?
Him: i read marine biology books etc
Me: n u assume those books contain everything?
Him: x evrythin, but good enuff
Me: may i ask 1 questn?
Him: sure
Me: how long has it been since Yunus walked on dis earth?
Him: no idea, millions o years, mayb...
Me: then, it's completely logical frm ur viewpoint isnt it?
Him: wat is?
Me: if the whale during the time o Yunus evolved into modern whale...
Him: n u r implying?
Me: at dat time, there was a species o whale dat can swallow a human n let him survive
Me: dat species evolved into somethin new, or just became extinct
Me: so d story is logical, even frm ur point o view
Him: But can u prove ur point?
Me: provin how?
Him: is there any fossil o such a species?
Me: no, but the same goes to ur missing link theory, am i right?
Him: missing link will b uncovered soon, geologists and biologists around d world r workin on it
Me: since 1 1/2 century ago, if i may reinstate d history
Me: plus, d missing link should consists of millions of species. none o them r found yet
Me: n here, u r askin me bout just ONE species of whale
Me: rn't u contradictin urself?
Him: ok, so u believe dat d whale of Yunus has evolved?
Me: no, x really
Him: then what r you tryin 2 convince me of?
Me: m just tryin to tell u dat d story is x illogical
Me: mslims n xtians believed in dat story by our own reasoning
Me: u can believe by ur own, evolution dat is
Me: remember d last chaptr in Origin of Species?
Him: what is in d last chaptr?
Him: i dnt remmber
Me: go and read, n u'll knw what i meant

-Ariff Abdullah

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