Reasons might vary, but death is certain


One SMS that I just received from HarakahDaily:
"Untuk elakkan pilihan raya kecil diadakan lagi pada masa akan datang, pengerusi SPR, Abdul Aziz cadangkan parti politik letakkan calon yg sihat - HRKH"

"To avoid another by-election in the future, EC chairman, Abdul Aziz suggested that political parties to have healthy candidate - HRKH"

Can somebody please tell me what's wrong with this message?

Life and death, is something only God has the power on. Unless the cause of death is confined in the scope of illness and health problem, nobody, absolutely nobody can say that a healthy person will live longer than a person carrying some sickness.

Healthy people die everyday. Accidents, crimes, natural disasters, technological failures and a lot of other reasons are out there that can erase the gap between us and the next world. Health problem is only one of many ways to die. And for Muslims, we all believe that the time of death has been determined long time ago. There's no way of avoiding it. It is just how we're going to die that will be different. It's something we can change. At least we can work for it.

All these causes are just reasons so that we're not living in fear. Allah knows that if He doesn't create reasons for us to die, we would never be able to live as we are today. Try to imagine, if everytime someone is dying, he just drop dead at the very moment without any particular sign or reason. Wouldn't that makes us scared? Every seconds we'll be thinking "maybe I'm next...". That is just human trait, isn't it?

Akhirul qalam, may Allah blessed you, and me, with husnul khatimah... amiin, ya Rabbal alamiin...

-Ariff Abdullah

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