Here they come to save the day!!!

Yay! I'm back after being (physically) away for one long week. And for that, I'm giving you a super treat... err.. I mean superhero jokes. Actually they're not jokes. It was meant to be serious when they published these comics an aeon ago, but from our new millenium eyes, these can mean something else, something funny if you can catch the drift. I gotta to tell you, they are genuine, not photoshop. Enjoy!

If Bush would kill thousands for oil, Superman is generous enough to ask only 5 grands.

You could never be pissed OFF when you are pissed ON.

Maybe Ronny McD would love this kind of fellow...

It's better to be grounded, eh?

All these years being in a dark cave together, poor Robin still couldn't figure it out


Wee Males??? ROFL...

They're all juiced out

Nice teamwork, superdudes!

That's why Spidey can't shoot web from there like the real spiders

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