Geert Wilders's film - FITNA

I haven't been updating my blog for quite some time. I've really been busy with my work for the last two weeks. So, there's no new fun stuff here, as you can see.

I'm wasn't planning on putting any post, but one thing that really trigger this one post is the release of a stupid video by Geert Wilder of Netherland. This very racist and Islamophobic video is an act of cowardice and hatred.

I've been really careful with my posts. any post that can be considered provocative would not appear in my blog, especially if it involves racial issues. Okay, I've put jokes about lawyers, tech supports, students and many other walks of life. If you think those are insulting, I'm really sorry.

But this stupid video by a stupid MP is far from being acceptable. I don't think anyone except those overzealous Islamophobic will accept that. But racists are racists, no matter which age you're living in. You might hope their stupidity will go away someday blown by the wind of change, but who knows when a brand of racial hatred will surface again. marxisme, anti-semitic, apartheid...the list goes on. Islamophobia is just another addition to this ugly list.

There are people who take religion as jokes. There's one cartoon from US (which I'm not going to name, but it's obvious) who constantly palying jokes on Jesus and Krishna. And just what the hell is that? I didn't find it funny at all. If anyone really think that it's funny to make fun of a religion, that person is SICK. S I C K.

Friends, let's not make this our style. We know deep inside we want to live happily with each other. I think we already have enough with all these. The world will be a much better place without us insulting each other.

And for my friends who constantly coming to this simple blog, my deepest apology for the absence of updates. To make it worst, the first entry after some time is this 'not-funny-at-all' ranting about a stupid video. I'll be back later with more funny stuffs, so we can continue to brighten up our days with laughter.



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